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I am pleased to be running in the 2018 Mountains 2 the Beach Marathon and raising money for the Ventura Land Trust. I am passionate about preserving open space in communities and promoting the establishment and maintenance of public trails.

In the wake of the Thomas Fire and subsequent rains, The Big Rock Reserve and other trails in Ventura County need a great deal of maintenance.  Debris now replaces the scenic trails and threatens a delicate ecosystem. 

Please donate to VLT to support the work of restoring our public lands to help ensure that we all have more opportunities to enjoy nature. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Penetrex Anti-inflammatory Discount

For a limited time, I am partnering with Penetrex to offer a 15% discount on all Penetrex products. I am thrilled to be able to partner with Penetrex, because I use the anti-inflammatory cream, daily. It is a great product for pain relief and recovery.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Neverwear Challenge Part I

I love Skirt Sports, but I never thought that I would buy the Tough Girl skirt. I wasn't sure about the bootcut leg. I just happen to come across a great deal, so I took the plunge.

The best thing about tough girl is the quality of the tights. They feel great! they are perfect for working out with a kettle-bell or doing errands. The skirt is a good length, too. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this versatile skirt.

If you would like to try a Tough Girl, now is a great time. Skirt Sports is having its semi-annual thank you sale. Use TAKE10 for $10 off a $50 purchase. This can be combined with code SHARE15 for 15% off, as well. This offer expires on April 24th.

 After the thankyou codes expire, feel free to use my discount code 825Sign for 15% off.

Neverwear Challenge Part II

If you would like to try a Tough Girl, now is a great time. Skirt Sports is having its semi-annual thank you sale. Use TAKE10 for $10 off a $50 purchase. This can be combined with code SHARE15 for 15% off, as well. This offer expires on April 24th.

 After the thankyou codes expire, feel free to use my discount code 825Sign for 15% off.

Marathon Pace Friday, 4/20/2018

Yesterday was a good MP I was hobbling the rest of the day.

Marathon Pace Run
MToday, I woke up with poison oak rash on my arm and a weird lump on my abdomen. I was sure that I had a hernia, but I was able to get in to see the doctor. He said that it wasn't a hernia, but a swollen gland. Humm...I hope he is right.  No running today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Challenging Tuesday, 4/18/2018

Trouble is brewing, but I'm on it. My right quadricep is compromised in some way. It hurts just about all the time. I’m working on some rehab. My left foot is giving me some trouble, too. I took yesterday off to try and facilitate some healing. This morning I was supposed to do some strength work at MP-10, but, believe it or not, my watch wasn’t charged. I ended up running easy. As I was walking out the house, I was having trouble putting me key in my pocket. I realized my tights were on inside out. I changed the tights and went back out to realize that I only had one glove on. Really... Tomorrow is a SRD. Thursday, I'm coming back fresh.

I am constantly managing foot problems, especially on my right foot, and I've tweaked my foot rolling technique, recently. Here is a demonstration.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Depression Monday, 4/16/2018

Well, I am encountering problems. My right quadricep is hurting (high-near the hip flexor) and my left foot hurts (toes). I’m working on it and trying not to get discouraged about it.
I wanted to do a double today, but I figured with everything hurting, it probably wasn’t the best idea. I didn't run again, and my kids were clearly disappointed.  Good grief, give me a break, right.

Happy Memories
Skirt Sports ambassadors have a challenge to share a race pic. I love this pic, because I ran it with a good friend, and we were happy and excited. I think that it is ridiculous that we didn’t figure out that the porta potties were our

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Long Run Sunday 4/15/2018

Last week's mileage was terrible, but yesterday was lots of fun.  The family went hiking and we had a great time. It was a fun drive with lots of water crossings.

The hike itself had lots of boulder hopping too. It was a great time.

Today was a long run, and it was rough. My right quad is hurting. People often question my dedication to training during times like these. I run for several different reasons, but I train hard really for only one reason. I have a competitive spirit. I didn't know that about myself until I started running as an adult. I never played sports as a kid, and I don't feel competitive when it comes to games. I like competing, and you can't win unless you train hard. I honestly never knew that about myself.

When it comes to working out, that is something I have to do. I have known since being a small child that I have a problem with anxiety. Even when I don't feel nervous, anxiety causes physical symptoms. I found out early that working out helps me deal with anxiety. When I was in high school, aerobics classes were coming into their own. I went to one class and I knew that I had to do it. I felt better, and I put it all together, that working out eased my anxiety symptoms. If I stop running, I'll have to do something else.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Marathon Pace Thursday 4/12/2018

Last week was a 85 mile week, but the miles and the race took its toll. I had to take Sunday off. I was really sore, and I probably needed a mental break. I had to really bring it in order to reach 85 miles last week.

At the end of the 25k, I realized that instead of a PR mileage week of 82, I was pretty close to 85. I ran to the parking-lot in  order to get as many miles as I could muster. There was no internet connection on the Ranch, so on my way home I stopped the car and uploaded my last few runs to see if I had made it. I had run 84.8. I had no choice. After all I had been through that day, I was going to get that last half of lap. I had two problems. My feet were wrinkled prunes. My water-proof socks had filled up with water, so each foot had its own personal swimming pool for 4 hours. Second, my legs hurt. They legitimately hurt with each step. I pulled into a neighborhood and pulled over. I put on some dry shoes with no socks and hobbled up and down the street. Mission accomplished, thank goodness.

The next day (Sunday), I was very sore, so I took the day off from running.

Monday 4/9/2018
Monday, I was still extremely sore. I ran ten miles at an excruciating snail's pace.  I say excruciating, because everything hurt. I thought that I would run 12 when I set out, but there was no way. The only reason I ran 10 was, when I finally accepted how bad my body was hurting, there was no way to get home. If I would have had my phone, I would have called my husband to come get me. I did some stretching and used the roller. It was a painful, unpleasant day of training.

Tuesday 4/10/2018
I was up late the day before, so when my alarm rang, I didn't get up. I was also gun shy from yesterday's fiasco of a training day. By the afternoon, my foot was hurting a little. I decided to take another rest day.

Wednesday 4/11/2018
Wednesday is my scheduled rest day. I don't want to take any chances with this foot, so I gave it one more rest day.

Thursday 4/12/2018
I know that body needed some time off after that race. I was back at it today with a 9 mile MP run. It was tough, as usual, but I ran the perfect MP on a hilly course with a tiny bit of a headwind.

As for SOS runs, I'm down a strength run for the week. I'm hoping to fit it in on Saturday.

I wanted to run a double today, but my body is so sore! My mileage is going to suck this week.

Skirt Sports Challenge
You know I love Skirt Sports, and I love challenge, but this dag-gone poetry challenge is hard! The lioness is one of my favorite skirt. I'm wearing it at the top of the blog. Here is my "Ode to the Lioness."

Lovely legs stretch
Ice bags packed
Occasional chases
No time to be wasted
Early trials prove
Spectacular races
Sore legs, but happy faces

If you would like to try the lioness, feel free to use my discount code. It provides 15% off any full priced item. The code is 825Sign.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tar Springs Ranch 25K, 4/7/2018

5:00 AM wake-up. Breakfast consisted of a sugar covered sweet potato. I tried something different for race nutrition. I mixed some Ucan and put it in a plastic bag to have during the race.  I also brought tailwind in my handheld. The RD sent out a an email yesterday saying that the race was cupless. That was new to me. Cupless is so irritating when I haven't planned for it. I made a raincoat out of a plastic bag so that I wouldn't get too wet before the race. I wore some old shoes and packed the shoes that I planned on wearing for the race.

The drive up to the race was spectacular! It wasn't raining too much and the hills were amazing. When I go to the Ranch, I realized that there was no cell coverage. That was going to be a problem because, my husband was going to meet me there after the event. I told him that I would text him when it was over, probably around 11. I was expecting to run about 2 1/2 hours.

Everything went smoothly. Packet pickup was a breeze.  I got some socks and a shirt that I needed to put in my car. When I got to the car, the rain picked up a little, so I put on my rain jacket and my garbage bag on top of that.  I didn't plan on running with the garbage bag, but I planned to wear it up until the race start.  There were few instructions before the on-time start.  We were warned that there was a lot of poison oak on both sides of the trail, and off we went.

Tar Springs 25K Course Pics
This race started out great. The rain was steady, but light and the beauty was overwhelming. The thickness of the mud and the rain steadily increased. At one point, after an incredible climb, there was a DJ, a dance floor and a dancing dinosaur that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Dino on the dance floor
That was the demarcation point. After the dancing dino, the race started seeming like work. The mud was sticking to my shoes. The rain got harder and what seemed like a fog descended, so I could no longer see the hills. The mud got thicker, and the rain got harder.

Muddy Conditions
I'm a competitive road racer, but I'm not a competitive trail runner. I walk the downhills whereas most people pick up speed on the downhills. That kind of racing strategy is no way to compete, but I don't have a lot of confidence in my balance under ideal circumstances. Some people did a half slide down the hills on purpose. That surely wasn't going to be my strategy. We were surrounded by poison oak. The trail was just slop, so it was slow going for me. Also, my waterproof socks had filled up with water, so each foot was submerged in its own personal swimming pool.
All of the racers started trying to distract themselves by talking and helping each other. We were racing, but we were in it together. By the end of the race, I just wanted it to be over. I had had it with the rain, mud and elevation.

Elevation Profile of Tar Springs Ranch 25K

Relive 'Morning Apr 7th'

There was a band, tacos and beer at the finish, but I knew my husband would be worried. I told my husband that I would call him at 11:00 and it was 1:00. Besides that, I was really ready to be done, so I left pretty quickly.

My final thoughts about this race is that it was top notch. The parking was easy. The aid stations were fully stocked. The course was accurately marked. There were actually porta potties at a couple of the aid stations. The after-party was good. After I recover a little, I would probably do it again.
Celebrating a few hours later!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Easy Friday, 4/6/2018

Training was light today. I have a half marathon tomorrow, so I dialed it back with an easy 7 Honestly, it was tough. I didn't want to run. I have been working toward this goal of an 80 mile week. It is within reach, but this slow run was not at all what I wanted. My legs were heavy. Frankly, it was a bit miserable. Everyday can't be fantastic. It's done and unless I fall off a cliff, I'll hit 80 miles tomorrow.

In a couple of hours, I'm going to packet pick-up, so I may post again today.

Fueled By Positivity Recommendation
I'm not sure of the future of Skirt Sports Fueled by Positivy segments on SportTv, but I have enjoyed them. I have one more recommendation for you. It is the the Feb. 12, 2018 Episode: How to Live a More Optimistic Life with Dr James Rouse. The best thing that I got from this episode is the notion that optimism is anti-inflammatory. As a runner, I take turmeric and eat pineapples. I always looking  to reduce inflammation. It turns out that optimism not only makes you feel good emotionally, but also, physically, in specific ways. Dr. Rouse gives specific suggestions for increasing optimism. About 2/3 into the episode,  Dr. Rouse talks about Skoop, his brand of nutritional supplementation. I have never used Skoop, so I can't provide any additional about the product.