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Sunday, June 28, 2015


I planned to hike or do a P90X3, but it was DH's last day of vacation, so I didn't do anything.  we went out wine tasting.  I'll have to concentrate on hydration tomorrow.

Here is a race report for a race I ran a couple of weeks ago.

I raced the Dionysus Dash on 6/14/2015.  The weather was perfect.  It was a tiny bit cool and overcast.  I won the entry into this race from  The only parking was paid.  I saw a discount for valet parking for $15, so the race cost me $15.  I got a discount for Tony, too, at some point.  I can’t remember whether it was $35 or $25.  I think it might have been $25. 

The directions said that we needed to get there an hour early for check, so we were there early.  Check in was a breeze.  There was a DJ playing perfect, fun music.  We got our numbers, checked our bag, used the restroom and chatted with some friends for about 20 minutes.  We tried to warm up, but the course was so hilly that I didn’t have it in me to jog around.  Tony was willing, but after the first hill, I called it quits.  We had about 15 minutes and decided to use the bathroom one more time.  There were only 2 restrooms.  We almost missed the start.  When we got to the start there was only a minute or two to spare.

The course was very hilly, but enjoyable.  The hills were just enough to be challenging, but not awful.  I paced myself.  There were many women in front of me, at the beginning, but I picked them off one by one pretty early.  There were no females in my sights after the first mile.  I won first female.  My time was 23:32.  I was 7th overall out of 224.

The runners were very friendly.  After, we chatted and wine tasted.  I got a bottle of wine a headpiece.  DH won his age group.

There were many wine stations., but the organizers packed up pretty early.  They gave us our keys and bag and shut down the DJ. 

This was a really fun race.  I liked it a lot more than the one we did in Solvang (Wicked Run).  I wouldn't do the Wicked Run again, but I would do this one again.  My only complaint was the bathroom situation.  Two bathrooms for a couple of hundred racers isn’t OK.  They should have brought in two porta potties.  Parking was ridiculous, too.  Full price of $25 to park is exorbitant, and even $15 is crazy.  

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