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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I really wanted to make 140 miles this month, and I knew that I had to run a couple of miles to pick up DH's car from the gas station, so if I could turn that into a longer run, I might be able to do reach my goal.  I did a .5 mile warm-up on the TM, then I did another 1 mile on the TM at an easy pace.  I think I started at 8:50 and ended around 8:30.  I think I it averaged 8:40, but I can't quite remember.

After, I went for a trail loop.  The weather was warm and clear.  I did much better today.  Of course, I did walk some, but I ran enough that could call this one a run.
Compared to yesterday:
I got a glass of water at home and Isaiah and I ran to get the car.  He wanted to go as fast as possible, so I tried to push the pace a little.  I didn't think I was capable of going faster than a 9 minute mile, but after I got going I surprised myself.

Total for the day:  11.3 miles

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