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Friday, July 31, 2015

FR, 7/31/2015 EASY

Although I marked this as an easy run, my pace was too slow.  I think I could have run a little faster, but I just didn't want to.  My ankle felt fine.  I was just sluggish.

My run kept being interrupted.  When I first started, I spotted my neighbor, so I ran back to tell her something.  We spoke, and then I continued, but I forgot to start my watch again.  I estimated where the 1/2 mile mark was and just started the watch at that spot.

After a short stint, I had to go to the bathroom a little bit, but I assumed that the bathroom at the park would be closed.  As I approached the park, I told myself not to stop, but for some reason, I forgot the conversation that I had just had with myself and checked the bathroom anyway.  Of course it was locked.  Because I stopped, the urge to go increased, so I had to go to the porta pottie.

As soon as I got going again, I spotted an unleashed dog in the distance.  I decided to change my route a little to avoid the dog, so I had to wait to cross the street.  When I stopped at the hotel, the bathroom was being cleaned.

I just couldn't get into this run.  Pace 9:07-total mileage 11.5

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