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Saturday, July 18, 2015

SUN, 7/18/2015 Very Long

Last night my right knee hurt a little bit.  I thought about icing it, but I didn't.  When I woke up, my legs were still sore, but my left hamstring felt a lot better.  My right hamstring was still sore.  Both of my quads were still a little sore.

I warmed up on the TM for .75 miles, I felt my right knee a little.  Since this run starts with an uphill, I think that I will try and consistently warm-up .75 instead of .5 on the TM when I run it.  Part 1 of the long run went well. We ran faster than usual keeping a 9:03 pace, overall.  The weather was clear and cool.

I stopped home to go to the bathroom, change my shirt, and pack my raisins.  I drank 8 oz of coconut/pineapple water and 8 oz of water with an electrolyte pill.  I'm pretty sure that drinking so much slows me down, but I haven't had to carry water yet.  Because I took so long, I did a quarter mile on the TM before I headed out again.

I ran out of my house down my street and at just about at the end of my street, I spotted, what appeared to be a stray dog.  He didn't look menacing, but he looked mangy.  I turned around and ran all the way back (up hill).  I never recovered my pace after that effort.  I couldn't muster an easy pace at all, so I decided to add the bike path for a couple of more miles.  I didn't feel bad, but I couldn't go any faster.  I stopped after about 3 miles to go to the bathroom.  At the very end of the last bike path, I ate my raisins.  At the hotel, I had the electrolyte pill.  My pace got slower and slower.  I started getting cramps in my right upper thigh.

When I got home, I wanted to do a recovery run.  I drank some water and even went outside, but I turned back, and didn't do it.

19.75 miles total

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