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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WED, 7/29/2015 TRAIL

I woke up with sore legs from squatting yesterday.  I need to do legs, at the gym, twice a week.  I seem to get sore every time just doing it once a week.  I did the Rice Ranch West route in the morning after some coffee.  My pace was good (9:57), not fantastic.  I waited a little too late, because I was really hungry.  I had some yogurt after.

I got very busy and didn't get a chance to have lunch.  By dinner, I was starving, but I managed to hold out without snacking.  I did have an ice cream sandwich after dinner, though.

Weirdly, after dinner, I broke out in hives over my chest, underarms and back.  Even some on my face.  It itched terribly.  My DH went and got me some benedryl.  Hopefully, I will be fine, tomorrow.

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