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Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday, 12/22/2017

For breakfast, I had a green concoction.   I can go for months juicing everyday, but I can also fall off the wagon and juice infrequently.  When Costco stopped selling the greens I like, I stopped juicing as much.  I hope to juice more during the upcoming marathon training.

Yesterday, I did a whole bunch of nothing.  I have to get running to get ahead of my pace bunny, so I ran 11 today.  It didn't feel great.  My legs didn't feel recovered, and I have a terrible cough.  I figured out that the cough is asthma.  When I get sick, sometimes I have a lingering bout of asthma.  I have an inhaler, but it has expired.  I took it before my run, and it still worked very well.  The prescribing doctor is from one of those med stop like places, so I doubt if I can get a refill, but I called it in anyway.  My pharmacy will contact the doctor.

I tried my ab and hip exercises in the evening.  The hip ones were fine, but the ab exercises were too painful to complete.  I basically gave up about halfway through.  My abs did not hurt when I ran, though.

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