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Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday, 12/18/2017

I haven't run anything more than a couple of miles in two weeks, so today was a bit of a shock to the system.  Not to mention, I'm still coughing.  If I didn't feel like I just had to run, I wouldn't have ran today.  I've had such a wonderful year running, but the last few months have been very hard.  My body threw in the towel and demanded a break.  I had a few long-existing, non-healing problems that I just couldn't ignore anymore, and I've been sick.  I'm still sick.  I had to run though, because I have a 2017 miles in 2017 goal, and I'm so close that I've got to give it one last ditch effort.  I have to do 47 miles between tomorrow and December 31st.  Unless my body just does a complete rejection, I can do it and still have a couple of weeks off before I have to start training for M2B.

Today, I ran a little over 11 at an easy pace.  I jumped rope for 10 minutes, did excruciating hips exercises and ab exercises.  My abs are hurting.  They hurt during the run.  I'm doing the rehab stuff for the abs, but otherwise, I'm just ignoring them.  I can run through it.  My toes didn't exactly hurt, but I felt them during the run.  That scares me.  I can run through a lot, but I've discovered that toe pain is a deal breaker.  I stretched my calves immediately and used some torture pressure point device on my feet.

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