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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday, 12/23/17

I juiced this morning.  My idea of a green juice is to use anything that I have in the frig.  I sweeten with apple.  I try to use either cucumber or eggplant as a base.  Cilantro & lemon makes everything taste better, but I usually use lime, because lemons are too expensive.  Today, I had lemon in the frig.  You can’t see in the pic, but I found some spinach & celery.  I’m not one to claim this stuff taste good.  It’s usually ok at best.  This morning it tasted almost good.

I'm very frustrated with the company crossrope.  I purchased a couple of jump ropes and a mat from them.  The jump ropes are good, but the mat has never arrived and the frustrating part is that customer service keeps lying to me.  They ship everything three day shipping.  It was marked as shipped on December 7th.  I've called just about every three days since then and they keep telling me that it just shipped.  Why lie?  Why not just tell me that the item is back ordered or whatever.  It is just stupid and a waste of time on everyone's part.  My right knee is hurting a little, so I don't want to jump on my concrete patio, and I don't want to damage the carpet in my living room.  So, I'm stuck waiting.

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