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Friday, December 29, 2017

Saturday, 12/30 Crossrope Jump Rope

Crossrope review | jump I purchased the starter set which consisted of 1 pair of interchangeable handles, a quarter pound agility rope and a one pound rope.  I also ordered a jump mat a few days later.  The ropes came within a few days.  They were packaged well and exactly what I expected.  The ropes seem durable, and they work the way jump ropes should.  Using one handle for both ropes is a bit of a hassle.  The workouts that are included with the free app ask you to switch ropes during the workout and the switching is not all that easy, at least not for me.  I don't switch.  I just stick with one weight during the workout.

The mat took three weeks to arrive.  It was marked as shipped the day after I ordered it. Customer service told me three separate times that it had shipped, and I would have it in three days.  I can't figure out what the problem was.  Clearly, it hadn't shipped.  You can't speak directly to a customer service representative when you call.  You have to leave a message, but I did get a call back on each occasion that I called.  The mat wasn't exactly what I thought it would be.  It is pretty similar to a mat that you would buy to put a piece of heavy workout equipment on.  It works just fine, but nothing too spectacular.

All and all, I think that these are high quality ropes and worth what I paid.  Crossropes has a 30 day challenge that gives you 30 days of rope workouts in a pdf, and they have you-tube videos to help you learn different jumps.  They even have an fb group to help keep you motivated.  I wish that I would have waited and gotten the infinity ropes.  The handles look like they offer easier exchanges between ropes.  The infinity wasn't available when I ordered and I won't be investing in another set anytime soon.

If you are willing to pay $70 for jump ropes, I'd say go ahead.  A one pound rope really isn't all that cheap.  You could definitely find a quarter pound rope and a one pound rope for less than $70, but I would guess you wouldn't get as good a product.  I'm not sure most people need the highest quality ropes in the world.  How many people jump exclusively for cardo?  If you do intend to jump every day, you might want to spend the money.

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