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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Long Run Sunday and Recovery Monday, 1/22/18

Last week was a 50 mile week, but this week is a cutback.  I have 42 miles on the schedule with only an 11 miler scheduled yesterday, but I did a little over 14 (13 miles at 9:38 pace).  The weather was perfect, and I felt good.

There was a lot of activity out there during Sunday's long run.  I engaged (3) situations concerning off-leash dogs, none scary but all unnecessary.  In one, a man was yelling at another because the other guy's off-leash dog was being aggressive with his on-leash dog.  I managed to run past without being noticed.  If only people would follow the law and leash their dogs, but it is never going to happen.

I encountered a semi-hostile homeless man on a bike path.  I always give homeless people a wide birth, but I disturbed him, and he woke up agitated.  I knew that there was no way he could catch me, but I made mental note to stay alert on the way home.  He was still there on my way home, but he seemed very much asleep.

At one point, I had a race with a small child.  She might have been 4 or 5.  She was running up the bike path trying to get her mother and grandmother to chase her, but they weren't interested.  As I ran past, I asked the Mom if she wouldn't mind if raced the little girl.  She was all for it, so as I approached her I asked her if she wanted to race.  The gal got a huge smile on her face.  Said "yes," and took off.  We ran about 50 meters.  I didn't want her to get too far away from her Mom, so I made her stop.  She laughed the entire way.  Just thinking about how delighted she was fueled me for 5 or 6 miles.

It was a great run for about ten miles.  I felt good at the ten mile mark, but I was just ready to be done.  In general, 10 miles is where I lose interest.  Anything past 10 is just for training.

I did a tabata at 13 to keep myself motivated.  I had about 1.5 miles uphill to get home.  I figured that I was going to be miserable no matter what, so I might as well get it over with. I thought that I was running so fast during the tabata, but only about two of them were actually fast.

I have a 5 mile recovery run on the schedule today.  It hasn't happened yet, but I'll get it done.

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