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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Marathon Pace, Thursday 1/2/18

I am using Hansons, again, for this training period.  Hansons has a few key features.  First, you run 6 days a week.  Second, there are two fast runs per week.  On Tuesdays, you run speed or strength (5K pace in the beginning & -10 MP during the second half), and on Thursdays, you run at marathon pace.  The third feature is a long run on the weekend.  I like a long run, so I usually look forward to that one.  Speed is difficult, but I can usually wrap my mind around it. My marathon pace run is, by far, the hardest of the week for me.  It is a mental challenge.  I start to worry about it on Wednesday.
I had really hoped to go for my marathon pace during this run (7:53), but the wind was blowing 16 MPH when I left, and I knew that I would have a headwind for most of the run.  I figured that I would try for 8:05.

I ended up doing 5.4 miles at 7:55. I feel pretty good about it because I was so much improved from last week. The run is difficult. It starts uphill and ends uphill. Today I had the added problem of a headwind starting at abut the 2.25 mile mark.

Elevation Chart
I took a recovery jog of almost 1/2 mile and did another mile interval at 7:43. Including warm up and cool down, I ran almost 9 miles in total.

I wore the show with the Milestone Pod. Data was about the same as last time.

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