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Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Long Run Monday, 1/15/2018

Yesterday, I ran 5.82 recovery miles.  All I remember is that it was slow.

I wouldn't normally run long on a Monday, but since it's a holiday, I ran a long run of 13.5.  I didn't fuel particularly well.  I had a boiled egg, coffee and a piece of corn bread for breakfast.  Right before I left, I drank 4 oz. of water with a scoop of UCAN.  I carried 10 oz. of tailwind in a handheld.  I was aiming for a pace of 8:55-8:59.  I ran non-stop for 8.5.  At 8.5, I went to the bathroom, refilled my water bottle and took an endurolyte pill.  I stopped a few other times at lights.  Each of the times I stopped I milked it for a little more than I actually needed to.  I did 13 miles at 8:57 pace.

My pace was pretty even throughout.  I stopped my watch at 13 and then did a 1/2 mile recovery.  By the time I got home, I was feeling both nauseous and dizzy.  I had some milk and whey protein which evened me out. 

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