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Monday, January 8, 2018

Wet Windy Miles Monday 1/8/2017

Saturday, I ate a bagel about an hour before my run, and had a scoop of UCAN with 4 ounces of water right before I went out the door.  I ran 13.5 at an easy pace.  The first 11 miles were fine, but it was difficult toward the end.  I hope to run my marathon at a 7:53 pace, so I aim for my easy runs to be between 9:45-9:55 once I really get into training.  At the amount of mileage that I’m doing right now, I could run the easy runs faster, but I usually don’t.  I  haven’t done my hip and ab exercises in a while, so I should get on that.

I hoped to get up and run this morning in the rain, because at least there wouldn’t be too much wind, but I didn’t get up early enough.  I did 3.9 in the rain and wind, but the temp was mild.  I can't figure out how I misread my watch.  I thought that I had ran 4 until I got home and checked.

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