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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cascade Skirt Sports Running Skirt Review

Last Saturday, I ran a half marathon in my new Cascade Skirt Sports Running Skirt.  I was very excited to get this skirt, because the style was something that I had never seen before.  The skirt is fairly short and has a flat waistband with two layers of ruffles. The Cascade, also, features 5.5" compression shorts underneath with two large pockets and a music port.

Of course, one of the most important things about a skirt is how much you like the style.  I immediately liked the look of the layered ruffles and slightly longer short.  Although the skirt has two layers of ruffles, the poly/spandex material is extremely light.  The shorts stayed put for all 13.1 miles, and there was no chaffing whatsoever.

I will wear this skirt again and again, but I do wish that it had a drawstring. The waistband didn't quite stay put the way I would have liked, but that was solved pretty quickly with a fold over.

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Happy Running!

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