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Friday, February 16, 2018

Challenge Friday, 2/16/2018

Yesterday, I was supposed to do a double, but my knee was hurting in the morning.  I decided to give it a break.  I want to run today, but I might not get the chance. I have easy miles on the schedule, but it's a busy day. It might not happen.

Challenge: Love to Hate Race Pic
Since I have little to post regarding my training today, I'm going to do a challenge. The challenge is to post a pic that you love to hate. I'm going to post the counter picture to the one at the top of the blog. I do hate this picture, but I kinda like it too, because it really does capture a moment in time. I trained very hard for that race. At the start, I thought I had a PR in the bag, but a headwind got me on the "back" of the out and back course. I knew that I wasn't going to PR. I was fighting and angry, but I knew it was hopeless. You can see the frustration in the photo. It ended up being the best race experience. I placed in my age group in a very large race. My husband and kids were there, and I had friends there. The finish line party and awards were fun. I ended up having a fantastic day, but that moment...

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