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Friday, February 2, 2018

Easy Friday, February 2, 1018

What's Up Today?
Today, 5 easy was on the schedule, but I decided to take the day off entirely.  That will blow my 50 mile week, but my right knee hurts.  I'm running a hilly, half tomorrow, so I think some rest is more important than a 50 mile week.

Giveaway News:
There are comments that I can see, but aren't showing up on the blog.  It seems like this isn't too uncommon of a problem, but I don't know how to fix it.  If you can't see your comment, chances are that I can see it, and you will still be included in the drawing. If you have a concern, please, reach out and I will take a look and confirm your entry.

Its a Challenge!
In honor of the Skirts Sports Giveaway, its all things Skirts Sports this week.  Ambassadors have been challenged to write an Ode to our first Skirt Sports product. I haven't written a poem since grammar school and this one is questionable, but it was fun thinking about my first Skirt Sports running skirt.

I had to dig deep for this throw back pick of me in my first Skirt Sports running skirt.  Looking at that pic prompted the memories of how difficult a race that was.  It was a 5K, but, seriously, if I could have somehow run to my car without going back to the start, I would have.  It was hilly and hot, but I was so proud of myself when I finished.  I really felt cute in that skirt, too.  I still love that Wonder Girl top.  It is very soft.  That pic was taken in 2010.

Recipe of a Skirt (a haiku)

A cup of delight,

Mixed with a hint of pizzazz,

To make skirts so nice.

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