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Friday, February 9, 2018

Easy Miles Friday, 2/9/2018

Finally, I have made up my miles and even made up the interval workout that I missed. I ran 10.5 miles today.  I started the run with seven 800s.  I was supposed to do six, but my fifth was a fail.  I was going uphill and couldn't keep the pace, so I did a 7th to make up for it.  My goal pace on a track would be 3:30, but I wasn't on a track.  I created a workout for my garmin to alternate .5 miles intervals with .25 mile recoveries.  One interval was a complete fail.  I gave up. Four were under 3:30.  One was 3:32, and the last was 3:35. My recoveries weren't too long, and I'm satisfied with the paces. 

I didn't have much to eat for lunch.  I did have a scoop of Ucan before I left, but I know it wasn't enough. I packed some tailwind, but I struggled for the 5 easy miles home. Those easy miles were tough, I'm looking forward to a no pressure trail run tomorrow.

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