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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Wrap Up, 2/28/2018

Today is a scheduled RD and my kids have a track meet in the afternoon, so there will be no running for me. Yesterday, I was supposed to run eight miles in total with speed intervals, but I didn't. I was sick of being cold, and I didn't want to face the wind. I wouldn't have went out at all, but I needed a few miles to reach 200 for the month. Those are terrible excuses. Yesterday, I was pretty pathetic. I am definitely not as tenacious about training as I used to be. There is a lot of security in rigidity. It is very strange to know that I am capable of skipping a training for no good reason. Is that who I am, someone who doesn't train because the weather is uncomfortable? Would that really be so bad? Probably not..ha


There were some ups and downs with training, but each time I wavered, I came back and rallied to save the week. My biggest fail was speed-work. I missed two speed days. I still have a chance to makeup one of those days this week. The other day was scheduled right after a half, and I needed a rest day. It is just a lost opportunity. I can't get make it up.

All in all, the month was successful.  I ran 200 total miles and two half marathons. 25% of the mileage was at marathon pace and about 15% involved some speed. I, also, did a 17 miler at the end of the month

My goals for next month:
  • 4 MP runs at 7+miles
  • 4 speed or strength runs
  • (2) 17 mile long runs
  • Half Marathon
  • 5K
  • Do hip exercises 3X a week
  • Do ab exercises 3X a Week
  • Do squats 3X a week
  • Roll 3X a week
  • Stretch calves and roll feet after every run
If I get all that done, what a sweet month that would make!

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