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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Long Run Sunday, 2/11/2018

I had a nice long run this morning fueled with a piece of toast and boiled egg for breakfast, as well as a scoop of Ucan right before I left the house.  The weather was perfect, and I felt good.  I stopped a twice, once to go to the bathroom and once to take a pic of blooming hedge that caught my eye.

I decided to carry a hydration pack.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll never find the perfect pack, but my magnet clip improves this one. I have a magnet attached to the hose and a clip attached to the pack. It keeps the hose out of the way but easily accessible. I pulled the clip off of my ultraspire pack.


  1. I have not gotten into the hydration pack thing yet. I have an Orange Mud one, but I think I'd like something like yours if I ever decide to get one with a bladder. I like the idea of a magnet clip.

  2. I can't find a pack that I really like. I think that packs just don't fit me well, because I am short. This particular pack can hold soft bottles in the front. I've found out that that is my least favorite way to carry Luckily it holds a bladder, too. I'm not too keen on handhelds either. The only one I don't mind too much is my 8oz. A lot of times I carry it and refill it at water fountains.