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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Long Run Sunday, 2/25/2018

I had a 15 miler on the schedule, but I decided on a 17 mile route. I go to church on Sundays, so I have to be finished running by 10:30AM which meant for a pretty early Sunday wake-up.

I had a breakfast of a bagel, banana and coffee. Even though I got up early, it wasn't early enough to take care of all my bathroom needs. I started the run with a loop near my house. At first, everything was great, but I had to go to the bathroom about halfway through, so it was torture until I got back home.

I took a quick bathroom stop and picked up my backpack. The rest of the run was an out and back. I listened to an audiobook for about 2/3 the time and turned on some music for the final 3rd. I stopped two more times to go to the bathroom.

I run pass a parking lot that is usually just dirt, but today I noticed that the lot was covered with what appeared to be some kind of squash.

Parking Lot

I, also, run pass strawberry fields and the berries looked perfect.

Strawberry Field

This run was fine, but it felt long. I was tired of running at about the 10 mile mark. I completed the run just under 3 hours at a pace of 10:17. When I do it in a couple of weeks, I'll speed it up a little.

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