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Friday, February 23, 2018

Marathon Pace #Neverdo Friday, 2/23/2018

Prescription Oakley Commit
This morning, I did a marathon pace run of 7:24 miles @ 7:54 pace.  I wore my prescription glasses. I need bifocals, but that doesn't work so well with running glasses. With thick gloves and a handheld, it was too tricky to lift my glasses to actually be able to read the the numbers on the watch. I basically had to guess most of the way. My pace was good, but I thought that I was going faster than I was.

The temperature was cold, but not too bad. It was probably in the low to mid 30s. My hands were fine during the MP run, but my fingers got painfully cold during the 3 miles of easy running. My total miles were just a hair under 11.

Skirt Sports Neverdo Challenge
1st backpacking trip
Skirt Sports has given ambassadors a challenge to post about something that they thought that they would never do. Growing up a city girl, I never saw a mountain growing up. I never hiked. I never camped. I didn't go on nature walks. What a surprise it was for me to discover, when I moved to California, that I love the outdoors. Here is a pic of my fist backpacking trip. A friend and I went out for a few days. We had a great time, and I came home with a lot of stories that are still pretty funny.

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