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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Marathon Pace Thursday, 1/1/2018

After Tuesday’s great run, I was expecting another fabulous run, today. I felt good mentally, but my pace was slow.  My legs were heavy and not completely recovered.  I’m giving myself the month of January to get my marathon pace where it needs to be, or I will readjust the goal. I think that I can do it.  Last week my pace was good.  This route that I’m doing pretty harsh, but Mountains 2 the Beach starts with a climb for the first few miles.  I did a little over 10 altogether.  I warmed up on the TM for 1/2 mile.  The first 6 was at a 7:59.

I ran 1.3 easy, but I was going so slow that I figured it would take me too long to get home, so I did another mile interval at MP.  Again, I did not really get up to MP.  The pace was 7:58, but I was really working hard.  I had over a mile to go to get home and it was tough. 

I have a half on Saturday, so I'd like to take tomorrow off.  I need four more miles to make 50 for the week (including the half).  Maybe I'll run a double this evening.  That really sounds terrible, but I might do it.

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