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Monday, February 12, 2018

Recovery Run Recommendation Monday 2/12/2018

I have 11 recovery miles on the schedule. I, normally, wouldn't run that far on a recovery day, but it's a holiday; so it is an opportunity to get some extra miles. I would, also, normally post after I ran, but since today is the day the giveaway winner is announced, I wanted to post early. If something unexpected happens and I don't run, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Skirt Sports Giveaway
A winner has been chosen. Congratulations Karen F! A free skirt sports running skirt will soon be on its way.

Recommendation - Skirt Tv:
When I’m doing marathon training, I’m constantly looking for inspiration in books and videos. Days can be long and the training can be tough. Sometimes you need a pick me up.  Skirt Tv produces short inspirational videos under a category called “Fueled by Positivity.”  I watched one recently that I enjoyed and highly recommend.  It was called Find your WHY.  In it, Nicole DeBoom interviews Erin Carson.  Erin Carson is a fitness professional with a long resume including strength trainer to the stars. Nicole & Erin discuss how discovering the true motivations behind your goals can improve your results.  I connected with the episode because the issue of motivation is becoming more and more important to me. I want to be running 10-15 years from now.  To do that, I will need to identify and embrace motivations that transcend PRs or AG awards.

Skirt Tv would like to know the kind of programming you would like to see.  If videos like Find your Why interest you (or don’t interest you), let them know by completing their What do You Want To See on Skirt Tv Survey.

While you are looking around,
please consider a donation of any amount to Ventura Land Trust.  After the Thomas Fire and subsequent rains, our trails are in desperate need of maintenance and rehabilitation.  VLT is at the forefront of that work.  I’ll be raising money for VLT during my marathon training for Mountains 2 the Beach marathon.

I have several signed copies of Running the Edge:  Discovering the Secrets to Better Running and a Better LifeI’ll gladly send one to the next few people who donate to VLT.

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