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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Trail Run, 2/17/2018

I saw Black Panther last night. The tickets were a whopping $86 for (4)! The price was insane, but the movie was terrific. The costumes were magnificent. The cinematography was stunning. It was a visual treat.

What I liked most about the movie is what it said to me as a dark skinned, black woman. Every cue from society, every cue from the media tells dark skinned women that they are less attractive than light skinned ones--less valued period. It isn't just women. Look at poor Sammy Sosa. I don't need Hollywood to validate that my dark skin is beautiful. That just isn't something that I struggle with, but I see the struggle clearly.  It frustrates me. It angers me actually, because it isn't just the dominant society creating and reinforcing these ideas. Many Black Americans culturally embrace colorism. It really is self hatred and very complicated. One movie isn't going to change America, but maybe a young girl will see herself just a little differently.

Outside of anything related to the racial issues in America, Black Panther is a good movie. If you like Marvel, you will love it. The trailer is below.

Training- Half tomorrow
I am running the Buzz Half, tomorrow, at Camp Roberts. Camp Roberts is an Army training Post. I trained there several times when I was in the Army National Guard. Driving onto any military facility usually requires driver's licence, registration and insurance. In this case there was some back and forth about the shifting military requirement of a Real ID or passport vs just a driver's licence. The Army created a policy and then changed their mind about the policy, which made it difficult on the RD to disseminate correct information. I would guess only a handful of people have a real ID, so initially only people with passports were probably registering. My guess is that, even though the restriction has been lifted, registration will be low.

I'll be driving to Camp Roberts, tonight, and staying over in the barracks.

I have a trail run today. It is a little cool, so it should be nice.

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