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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Scenic Saturday Skirt-Tv, 2/24/2018

Scenic Saturday Trail Run

The afternoons have been particularly windy, and the temps have gotten cold recently. I have a great deal of incentive to get my runs started a little bit earlier. Yesterday, I wasn't even tempted to sleep in when the alarm went off.  Winds hit 30 miles per hour yesterday.  I got out earlier, today, too.

Bi-Monthly Skirt Tv-Fueled by Positivity Recommendation:

When I’m doing marathon training, I’m constantly looking for inspiration in books and videos. Skirt Tv produces short inspirational videos, in a talk show format, under a category called “Fueled by Positivity.”  This week, I am recommending the January1st episode.  In it, Nicole DeBoom interviews Colleen Cannon.  Colleen Cannon made a career as a professional triathlete and, after, founded Women's Quest. Women's Quest is a company that holds retreats that educate women about healthy body image, nutrition and an active lifestyle.  During the episode, Colleen talks about adopting "easy going goals" that inspire. My nature is to be rigid in the way I train and set goals, but I'm working on letting my passion inspire me to train in a way that I have more of a connection between mind, body and spirit. There isn't a lot of "how to" advice in the episode, but the program gave me the words to articulate what I want to do.

Skirt Tv would like to know the kind of programming you would like to see.  Let them know by completing their What do You Want To See on Skirt Tv Survey.

While you are looking around,
please consider a donation of any amount to Ventura Land Trust.  After the Thomas Fire and subsequent rains, our trails are in desperate need of maintenance and rehabilitation.  VLT is at the forefront of that work.  I’ll be raising money for VLT during my marathon training for Mountains 2 the Beach marathon.

I have several signed copies of Running the Edge:  Discovering the Secrets to Better Running and a Better Life. I’ll gladly send one to the next few people who donate to VLT.

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