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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday, 2/26/2018

Yesterday, as far as training goes, was pretty uneventful. I woke up early for 6 recovery miles. I didn’t want to get out of the bed, but the weather forecast called for rain and wind in the afternoon.

For dinner, I tried a new recipe. Deborah Brooks, a fellow Skirt Sports ambassador, posts meatless recipes on Mondays. The one I tried was called Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese. I've had a spaghetti squash in the frig for a while, and I wanted to use it before it spoiled. Everyone loved it. I found a new, easy way to cook spaghetti squash.

Today is a speed day. I should have gotten up this morning, but last night I knew I wouldn't. I'm tired of my hands freezing. It will be windy this afternoon, so that will impact my paces, but I'll let you know.

Since I didn't run before work, I made everyone a juice this morning. I don't use a recipe. I put vegetable scraps along with 1/2 apple, 1/2 cucumber and either lime or lemon. Cilantro makes everything taste better, but I don't have cilantro right now. We've been getting a lot of carrots in our vegetable box, so carrots have been the star lately. The juices never taste the same. Some are horrendous and some are pretty good. The bar is pretty low as far as taste. This morning's juice was pretty good, comparatively.

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