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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dr. John C Trettin Memorial 5K, Saturday, 3/24/2018

I had to rearrange my MP and speed runs to accommodate the rain. I'm glad I did my MP before it rained, because my MP route is still flooded. I should have done speed on Thursday, but it was raining, so I ran easy. I decided to skip the speed on Friday, and run a 5K today.

This 5K is one that I've run many times. There have been years that I have gotten first female, but I know that those days are gone. It is a tough course, and there is no way that I can hang with the young gals. It is a fun race, but it is single track with few opportunities to pass. There are lots of uphills and sand. You have to be very aggressive at the start, or you will get stuck behind slower runners and never make up the difference. I wasn't nearly aggressive enough to really compete. I never saw the two lead gals during the race.

I was actually in a good position. I ended up being behind some slower runners, but it allowed me to conserve my energy and pass a few women when I was able to make a move. No amount of race strategy or even luck would have changed the outcome. The two lead females were much faster than I am capable of running. I ended up 3rd female, 1st AG (40-49). I stayed for the awards which are always exciting, because they give away lots of raffle prizes.

5K race review
Dr. John C Trettin Memorial 5K

Relive 'Morning Mar 24th'

I thought that I would go back out and run a few trail miles, but the wind picked up, and I lost the desire. I ran exactly 1.1 miles on the TM to insure a 50 mile week and called it quits. I pretty happy that, despite two unscheduled rest days, I still was able to complete the mileage.

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