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Friday, March 2, 2018

Long Run Saturday, 3/3/2018

Breakfast yams
I have a long run on the schedule for Sunday, but my kids and my husband are out of town all day today, so I figured that I would do the long run, today, instead of tomorrow. It was raining when I got up, so I had to wait a little bit to let it clear.  I had an egg, toast and coffee, as well as a bowl of sugar covered yams for breakfast.

I had a short(ish) long run was on the schedule, but since I had a big chunk of the day to myself, I decided that I would do a long(er) long run.  I took a loop around the neighborhood and made a bathroom stop at home and picked up my handheld. It had started to drizzle a little, so I left my sunglasses. The weather was gloomy, at first, but it never started to rain.  The temperature was mild, but the weather was all over the place. Sometimes it was windy, sometimes the sun shown through and sometimes it was dark and drizzly. I ran 17.4 miles at 9:42 pace.  I lost three pounds during the run, and I made a real effort to take in 48 oz of liquid fairly quickly.  I feel no headache right now while I'm typing, so I think it worked. This run topped a 61 mile week which is the longest of 2018.

Yesterday, I made a delicious juice from mostly dinner scraps.  The recipe included uneatable strawberries (I would have had to throw them away if I hadn't juiced them.), arugula stems, lettuce scraps and a handful of spinach. My juicer doesn't do well with soft fruits, but it was still yummy.

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