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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Long Run Sunday, 3/18/2018

I was supposed to race today, but I just couldn't muster the desire. The alarm rang at 4:30, and I turned over. Three hours of driving and freezing temps did not inspire me to get out the bed. Since I didn't run my half, I figured I'd better pick up the pace of my long run.  I warmed up on the TM and, and I ran 13 at an 8:40 pace (14 total miles). I kept waiting for it to warm up to leave, so I ate too early. I had a scoop of Ucan, but I probably had that too early, also. I packed 8 oz of tailwind, but it just wasn't enough calories.  The run was very hard. The first 4-5 miles were great, but around the middle I started feeling like crap, even nauseous at the end. It is legitimately a difficult route, and I didn't have enough to eat or drink, but, also, I'm getting tired. I'm on week 9 of Hansons. That is exactly the halfway mark and this is where you just have to dig deep to get it done.

#24Skirt: Lota Breeze Capris

One of the nice things about the Lotta Breeze skirt is that I can workout in it, but also feel comfortable doing an errand or other activities while wearing it. I have no problem wearing tights or compression shorts when I’m running, but if I’m hiking with my kids or going to the grocery, etc., I like a little more coverage. The Lotta Breeze is definitely a versatile skirt. In the top pic, I'm stretching and doing core work. In the bottom, I'm going on a walk with my kids.

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