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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Long Run Thursday, 3/29/2018

trail run
I have trails close to my house, but I normally don't run on trails during the week. I find the downhills to be too hard on my knees. However, it just rained. It is amazing out right now, and it won't last long. To make up some miles, I had to run pretty long yesterday; so I couldn't resist a few miles on the trails.

beet juice
I have been feeling super tired lately, so before I left I juiced a beet.  Beets are supposed to give you energy. I started out on the trails, and promptly got lost, but I had no worries. I could see landmarks the entire time.  I wasn't really lost. It was as beautiful as I anticipated. That was a wonderful run.

I stopped home to change shoes and shirt, have a scoop of Ucan and pick up my handheld (filled with tailwind). I set off for an easy ten. It was fine, but as I've said before, anything over ten miles in training turns into work. I was ready to be done by the time I got home. I logged 14.5 miles on Wednesday.

Usually, I would run my MP on Thursday, but since I ran so long yesterday, I wanted to give my body some recovery time.  I'll do the MP tomorrow. Today, I ran 6 before work at an recovery pace.

Skirt Sports Challenge: Funniest Race Pic
The challenge is to post a race pic that you love to hate. I had a great time on the day the photo below was taken and not because I like color runs. I loved running with my son. It was just he and I, and I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with him. This pic represents a fun day, so I can't really hate it, but it is so stinking unflattering.  Ugh...
Color Run

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