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Friday, March 30, 2018

Marathon Pace Friday 3/30/201

This morning, I did my marathon pace run. I got up late, but I decided to get out the house quicker rather than waiting to run in the afternoon. It is so much more difficult for me to hit my paces in the afternoon. It is usually windy, and I, often, don’t eat enough at lunch.

This was the first MP run where I felt good. Actually, that isn’t true.  I felt terrible, but I knew that I had a good pace and that I could do it. My MP route is very difficult, but it does mirror the actual race course. The marathon route starts with an increase in elevation for several miles. Then, there is a downhill portion, followed by a hill at the end. I had an excellent pace until the last mile. The last mile just killed my pace. My goal pace is 7:53, but my last mile was 8:15. I still had an overall pace of 7:51.

I have been a real slacker with my ab work lately, but sometimes I can get my kids to do them with me.

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