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Friday, March 9, 2018

Marathon Pace Friday, 3/9/18

This morning I had trouble getting up. Are you detecting a pattern? I had wanted to run 10 miles in total, but since I was late getting started, I only ran 7 but all at marathon pace.  My pace was good, 7:53, but it was so difficult! I actually had planned to run 7.5, but I just couldn't do it. My stomach was growling when I opened my eyes. I was hungry before I even started, and a scoop of Ucan did nothing to curb my appetite. I didn't eat nearly enough food yesterday to sustain an eleven mile run. I didn't have breakfast, yesterday, and I probably had 400 calories for lunch. I ate a big dinner, but that was after the run. I've got to plan better, because lack of food is a real problem. This morning, I was  on empty and still tired. I knew that it would be difficult, but I had no choice but to make it happen. I have no idea why, but my asthma went crazy after this morning's run. I had to take a couple of hits of the inhaler.

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