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Friday, March 23, 2018

Rain, Rain Go Away Friday, 3/23/2018

Yesterday was quite a day of running. I had taken two unscheduled days off, and, if there was going to be any hope of salvaging the mileage for the week, I had to run. I was prepared for rain and wind, but I thought that the rain would be consistent, but light. That is the exact opposite of what the weather was actually like. For the first 5-6 miles, it drizzled on and off. I alternated between roasting and cold. Around the halfway point, the rain started coming down pretty hard. It was fine, because at least I wasn’t hot. For the last three miles, the rain got harder and harder. My husband came to rescue me with the car, but I was only ½ a mile or so from home when he found me. In that ½ mile, the sky opened up and dumped water in sheets. It was really just silly.

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