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Monday, March 5, 2018

Skirt Sports Zip ‘Em Up C/D Bra Review

My sister, Lisa, was in the market for a sports bra, so she decided to try one of the Skirt Sports bras.  I asked her to write a review. She agreed, and here are her thoughts.

Skirt Sports Zip ‘Em Up C/D Bra Review

I am always on the lookout for great sports bras for C/D cups that do not have to be put on over the head so when I found out that Sport Skirt offered zip up sports bras, I got excited and when I saw the price I knew I had to try one.  Let’s start with the price.  The bras are by no means cheap but they are comparable to other sports bras that I normally purchase and in the range of $44 to $50.  The one I purchased was $48 with a $5 discount and $7.50 added for shipping.  I love free shipping but my bra was delivered in 2 days, which was quicker than expected.  I didn’t even have time to check the tracking and there it was.

Overall, I would give this bra an A+.  I like the way it looked under my top.  It had the perfect amount of compression to keep bouncing to a minimum.  I must admit, it was not the easiest to get zipped up but I really don’t think there is a cure for that.  Once it was zipped, it provided pretty good coverage.  For my first use of this bra, I taught 3 Zumba classes and had no issues at all.  I liked the way it felt and preformed.  One of the best features of this bra is the adjustable straps which have hooks that will not slide during a hard workout.  Several other bras that I own will not stay adjusted through an entire workout.  You should never have that problem with this bra.  I would buy this bra again and try others from this company.  I do really wish they had a bigger variety colors though.

See Part 2 (previous post) for video of the Zip 'Em Up c/d Bra.

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  1. I am always looking for bras that are supportive enough for running for a D cup. may have to check this one out!