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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday Hill Workout, 3/6/2018

I’ve been having some trouble the last couple of days, but I’ve got most of my mileage.  Yesterday, I accidentally set my alarm an hour late. I didn’t have time to do my entire run before work, so I split it in half and did a double for a total of 8.6.

Today, my alarm rang, but I didn’t get up.  I intended to do a double today, but, instead, I combined it all into one workout, doing a hill workout first and then a couple of easy miles after. I had to make dinner when I got home. I told myself that I would get a few more miles after dinner, but deep down, I knew that there was no way I was getting out the house again. Of course, I didn’t, but my miles are fine. I ran just a hair under 9, today.

The hill workout is tough.  If things go as planned, I will work my way up to ten repetitions.  Today, my goal was six.  The concept is simple. Run as fast as you can up, and, then, jog down—Repeat. I was pretty disappointed with my performance, but when I got home I looked at the data and found that, last year, my first hill workout was just about the same. I have to keep telling myself that the point of training is to improve.  I’m going to improve. The hill is .47 miles long.  The numbers are paces, not total minutes.

Skirt Sports Challenge

Skirt Sports has a challenge every month to write a Skirt Sports poem. I, generally, enjoy doing Skirt Sports challenges.  That is why I do them, but poetry is far out of my comfort zone. I’m positive that a second grader could write a better poem, but here is my acrostic poem about my favorite Skirt Sports Skirt.

Jette makes me feel…
     J ubilent,
     E nergized,
     T otally
     T itilated, & ready for an
     E scapade.

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