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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Neverdo Skirt Sports Challenge

Skirtsports always offers challenges for ambassadors. Some of these challenges celebrate life and overcoming obstacles. The neverdo challenge is one of those.

This is my last neverdo challenge, and I have saved the best for last. My never do activity is parasailing. To start, I am afraid of heights. My fear isn't completely debilitating, but it can be a real hassle to everyone around me. If we are hiking and I am high up, it isn't necessarily a problem. However, if we are close to the edge, it a whole different story. I get so scared that I shake. The last thing anyone needs when they are on the side of a mountain if to shutter in fear. Most of the time I can accomplish whatever needs to be done, but it takes time and patience on everyone's part. My fear is usually directly proportioned to the likelihood of death if I should fall. When I planned the parasailing trip (which my kids begged for), I knew I would be afraid, but I thought that I would be OK, because I didn' t think that I would fear falling.

When we got on the boat and I saw what was actually happening, my guts twisted. It had nothing to do with a logical fear of falling. I was just terrified for no apparent reason. I can't give words to describe how scared I felt. If I were alone, or it was just me and my husband, there was no way that I would have done it. I was paired with my 11 year old son. He didn't weigh enough to ride alone. If I didn't go, he couldn't go. I just had to do. To make it worse, the employees on the boat had fun by invoking fear in the passengers. By the time our turn came, I was silently holding back tears.

I can happily announce that my fears were completely unfounded. Parasailing is peaceful, relaxing, fun and UN-scary. It was a great experience. If I ever get an opportunity to do it again, I'll jump on it.

I have really enjoyed the Skirtsports neverdo challenge. If you are shopping at Skirtsports, feel free to use my discount code for 15% off full priced items: 825Sign.


  1. Wow, looks fun. I think I would be just as afraid but I might try it.

    1. It was so much fun. I hope that I do get another opportunity. The only other time that I have been that scared has been when I did repelling in the military. Sometimes, I could repel with no problem. Other times, I was overcome with fear.