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Friday, April 27, 2018

Redemption MP 4/27/18

Training is mostly very much about your mental state. Yesterday, I expected my quad to feel good when I stepped on the TM. When it didn't, I talked myself into an almost hysteria. Mental fear gripped me. The fear that I had trained for months and might not get to the start line AGAIN! I really felt like I could pass out during the run. When I got back to the house, my son asked me if I had used positive self talk. I told him that positive self talk was the furthest thing from what I was doing. He advised me to tell myself that I was a beast.

So, this morning I was determined. It didn't matter if the leg hurt or didn't hurt, I was running, and I was going to run at MP pace. If necessary, I was going to actually use the words, "I am a beast." That isn't usually my preferred mantra, but I was desperate.

When I got on the TM, my quad just didn't hurt very much. I could feel a twinge of confidence, and I grabbed it. The run was successful, but my leg hurt a great deal after.

I haven't mentioned much about this yet in this log, but I think that I have a hernia. It doesn't hurt, so I am hoping to completely put it on the back burner until June 1st.

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