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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Skirt Sports Peek-a-Boo Review Part 1

The Peek-a-Boo is easily one of my favorite Skirt Sports skirts. I like nearly everything about it.

  • It is the perfect length.
  • The skirt is as light as a feather.
  • The shorts underneath are super comfortable.
  • The print is sassy and cute.
  • There are pockets on both sides.
  • The skirt stays put. It isn’t too tight, but it doesn’t move.

If I have to think of something to criticize, I guess it is a little tight in the tummy area. I’ve got some flab around the middle, and this skirt, definitely, gives me a muffin top. For some reason, my muffin top bothers me less these days, but that isn’t the point. Honestly, I’d rather have a muffin-top and not need a drawstring, then no muffin top and a draw string. Of course, just tight enough to not need a drawstring and no muffin-top at all would be ideal.

If you want a fun, short, summer skirt, this is a great choice.

This skirt is going fast. It is at a great price point right now, but sizes are limited. Check it out here. The peek-a-boo is on sale, but use my discount code (825Sign) if you would like to a try a full priced item.


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