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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Update Tuesday 5/8/2018

I know that I haven't been posting, but it is so difficult to post when I don't have anything positive to say. I've trained for months and I know that this marathon is going to be a very difficult to even finish, much less sub 3:30. My upper quad hurts. It seems to include my hip flexor, inner thigh and the middle quad muscle. I'm taking time off entirely, but I have hardly been running at all. It is what it is. I will try to post more,

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  1. I had something happen that sounds similar to this. Although a couple of weeks off helped (and I ran a marathon with this injury after no running for 12 days (and it reappeared at Mile 18 but I did make it to the end), I took a full month of no running to adequately recover and begin to rebuild. That rebuild was another month of easy speed work, no intentional hill repeats.