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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mountains 2 the Beach Marathon May 2018

Well, the marathon is said and done. I finished, but it really was agony. I had a great race until about mile ten.

The pain came on me pretty suddenly and just didn’t let up. I started walking around mile 12. I borrowed a phone and called my husband at an aid station to tell him that I was walking and that they could go back to the hotel. The desire to DNF was strong, but I just couldn’t DNF as long as I was capable of propelling myself forward, but the idea of walking for three more hours was overwhelming. I just put one foot in front of the other, but I was so disgusted that I couldn’t listen to music or an audiobook.I tried the run walk approach, but I couldn’t run even 20 feet. I started walking slower and slower.

Luckily another walker passed me and said something to me as he passed. He, too, was injured, and was on the long walk to the finish. We talked briefly, but when we passed a porta pottie, I had to stop. In addition to the pain in my leg, my guts were turning inside out. When I got out, I could see the guy in the distance. I figured that teaming up with this guy was my best hope, so I decided to run to catch up. The pain was immense, and I was practically holding my breath. Just as I was about to catch up, he started running. I figured that was it, but he stopped after about 20 feet. I did catch up, and we walked together the rest of the way. He was very tall with a long stride. I had to struggle to keep up, but left to my own devices I was truly walking a thirty minute mile. Three hours later with a 6:05 finish, it was all over.

I was so happy to be done that I got teary eyed. We went to the official after party restaurant so the kids could eat, but they band was packing up. We were too early for the night festivities and too late for the “after marathon” festivities. I really sort of fell apart at the restaurant. I couldn’t walk anymore. I couldn’t eat. I got dizzy. By the time we left, I was done.

I took an ice bath at the hotel, but after I got in the bed, I couldn’t get out.  I had dinner in bed and just slept off and on till morning.


  1. RunTDC here...I’m glad you were able to finish the marathon, but ugh, that sounds horrible. I hope you are doing better. I checked today and saw you have mileage, which prompted my check in to your blog. I’ve been meaning to subscribe. You are such an amazing runner, injury, or not. Let me know what I can do for you. Teresa

  2. Hi Teresa. Thank you for checking in. I'll check in on RA.

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