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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday July 3, 2018

On Monday, the schedule called for 30-40 minutes of easy running and some balance and foot exercises.

I had time for a short hike which gave me an opportunity to try out my new knee brace. It is a Sleeve Star. Usually when you buy a knee brace you have to pick a size, but this one only came in one size. I was skeptical about that. I thought that it would be very large, but it didn't seem big and was easy to tighten up. It will be great for my jump roping and short hikes.

Sleeve Star Knee Brace
The brace is plenty supportive, and it is comfortable; but, like most braces, it is bulky. If I press, I can feel hard strips that provide support. Those strips are covered with a soft, cushiony material. They aren't uncomfortable, but I imagine the brace would get hot if I wore it a long time. I wear a knee brace, mainly, when I jump rope and sometimes when I hike.  It is perfect for my needs, but I don't know how it would do for running. #sponsored #ad

Today, intervals were on the schedule. Coach Matt scheduled (3) 8-minute intervals at 7:23 with minute recoveries. I was also supposed to do 10-15 minutes of easy running before and after. I decided to do them on the track. Who in the word runs mile intervals on the track, but it is impossible to get away from hills, so I figured that it was my best chance at hitting my paces. I didn't warm up long enough, but I was too nervous. I had to get started.  The first interval was terrible. I felt like I was giving it my all, but I could barely make the pace. Actually, I only ran a mile and I was a second slow. The utter failure probably helped me, because it took the pressure off. I figured that this was going to be terrible. I was going to get slower and slower and it just had to be endured. I went out like gangbusters on the second one and was way too fast-6:59. I was really royally screwing up, but at least I was going too fast rather than too slow.  They last one was 7:11--Still too fast, and I cut my cool down short. I really wanted to perform well for my Coach, but today wasn't too impressive. I know I can work out the kinks though and get this LT thing down.

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