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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

FeetUp Trainer Review

Ever since I managed a headstand a couple of months ago, I have been wanting to do more. The problem is that I am not strong enough to really do a headstand correctly. You have 7 small vertebrae in your neck. Those bones are designed to hold the weight of your head, but the aren't meant to the hold the weight of your entire body. Your arms should be holding up all of your weight when you do a headstand. When I do a headstand, yes, my arms are doing the majority of the work, but my head is holding up some of me weight. I've got too many problems to add neck problems to my I figured, I would have to give up the headstand dream. Until....

I saw an ad for the FeetUp trainer, and immediately wanted it. I thought that I would have to wait until Christmas, but FeetUp agreed to let me try one out. This thing is incredible. I can try any inversion pose that I want without fear, because my neck is completely safe.

Let's start with the beginning. It only took a few minutes to put it together, and it is very sturdy. I am certain that it will be able to hold my weight for years to come.

The FeetUp support really delivers. It does exactly what it advertises. It allows you to do an inversion similar to a headstand without putting any weight on your neck. There is still an element of balance to the inversion, but the balance is easier. Since you can be in the inverted stance longer, you can spend more time exercising and perfecting the pose. You will be amazed at the incredible, functional ab workout that you can get.

The best thing about the FeetUp is that it is fun. I can do exercises that I never dreamed that I could even attempt. If you any interest in inversion, I highly recommend the FeetUp.

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